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Professional wrestling is an art. The Work of Wrestling is dedicated to exploring that simple truth. Host & author Tim Kail analyzes wrestling matches, explicates promos, reviews pay-per-views, and shares personal stories in an effort to provide pro-wrestling the in-depth arts criticism it genuinely deserves.

Dec 12, 2016

In an unconventional "clips shows", rather than serve up a series of your "favorite WOW moments", Work of Wrestling host Tim Kail has edited together a collection of "best of" clips that you haven't heard before. All those best moments that, for whatever reason, wound up on the cutting room floor have been curated into a single episode. You'll hear what Al & Tim think of Cesaro's tearaway suit, how Tim bonded with Samoa Joe over a shared love of pitbulls, why Al thinks virtual reality is going to destroy the world, what the original 100th episode was going to be, and lastly, Tim tries to channel his father, though Granny Franny, in one of the Work of Wrestling podcast's most personal conversations ever. Follow on Twitter @TimKailWrites and visit