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Professional wrestling is an art. The Work of Wrestling is dedicated to exploring that simple truth. Host & author Tim Kail analyzes wrestling matches, explicates promos, reviews pay-per-views, and shares personal stories in an effort to provide pro-wrestling the in-depth arts criticism it genuinely deserves.

May 1, 2017

Work of Wrestling host Tim Kail reviews the surprisingly entertaining, way better than it needed to be, WWE pay-per-view, Payback. From Kevin Owen's chin-lock to Jeff Hardy's tooth to Alexa Bliss' delightful evilness to the WWE's concerted effort to build sympathy for Roman Reigns, Tim breaks it all down, tackling all the important topics & perspectives for each match.

He also feels like he's cracked the code for why Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe was (unfortunately) bland, not unlike Rollins v Triple H at Mania. His explanation isn't anything particularly new, but it is fundamental to good storytelling. He also offers a potential path for revitalizing the Rollins character.

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