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Jun 5, 2017

Work of Wrestling host Tim Kail returns to review the latest Raw-specific pay-per-view, Extreme Rules. 

The match was good, but did the finish to The Intercontinental Championship maximize the sympathy for Dean Ambrose and the heat for The Miz? What's the real reason Bayley is cutting promos about Wonder Woman instead of developing her own character, and why did the Women's Championship get so little time in the most gimmicky of the gimmick matches on the gimmick-match pay-per-view?

Isn't it a little stupid that we even have to discuss & debate the rules of these crazy matches in the first place, particularly the tag match featuring Cesaro & Sheamus vs The Hardy Boyz? And what are the main takeaways from the main event - solid 5-man no.1 contender's match that set Samoa Joe on a collision course with The Beast Incarnate. All of this and more on The Work of Wrestling podcast!

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