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Aug 14, 2017

Granny Franny is back! And this time she's answering some of your questions!

Work of Wrestling host Tim Kail apologizes to Granny Franny for yelling at her during their previous visit. He also tells the story of how a Montana congressional candidate bodyslammed a reporter a few months back (only Tim thinks it sounds more like a chokeslam). Granny Franny & Tim answer your questions about Neville, the best and worst aspects of professional wrestling, and what they'd like to do next on the podcast (it involves going to a live event!). They also have an honest, thought-provoking conversation about the nature of comment-culture and social media and whether or not the downsides outweigh the positives.

This is a fun, lighthearted episode meant to put a smile on your face. So give it a listen and take that smile into the rest of your day!

Visit for Tim's latest article on New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Follow on Twitter @TimKailWrites! Have a nice day, and never give up!