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Sep 26, 2017

Work of Wrestling host Tim Kail takes no mercy on WWE's latest RAW-centric pay-per-view No Mercy.

Tim analyzes every match with curt intensity, pay compliments to Miz, Jason Jordan, Finn Balor, Bray Wyatt and then sharing some blunt observations about the state of Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins as well as the WWE's complete and total massive bag of LIES as it relates to #WomensWrestling and their continued failures with regard to better representation.

Tim also shares his thoughts Roman Reigns vs John Cena; what could they have done better at the outset of the match, did it lay the foundation for more or was it the beginning of Cena's end?

Finally, did Braun vs Brock live up to the hype? Tim's answer is simple. No. But he endeavors to figure out why, specifically, he was not entertained.

It's a quick & dirty (and a tad ranty & ravy) episode of Work of Wrestling. Follow on Twitter @TimKailWrites and visit for more!