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Oct 9, 2017

#SDLive has now entered the darkest timeline - and Work of Wrestling host Tim Kail is loving it! In this detailed Hell in a Cell review, Tim Kail brings his passion and his analytical perspective to each match. He gives high praise to the Usos vs New Day, particularly Big E's star power and Xavier Woods' vulnerability. He offers some harsh, but necessary criticisms related to the preponderance of mediocrity "clogging up" the roster that continues to be heralded by a subset of complacent fans. He does this in defense of the idea that artists must be exceptional if they are going to be presented as the best and receive the best opportunities. Lastly, what does the end of the main event match between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon mean? Does that meaning matter right now or should we just enjoy the moment? Tim shares his definitive point of view on the topic and much more, relishing that his far-fetched prediction turned out to be true.

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