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Dec 18, 2017

Work Of Wrestling podcast returns to its original three-part format for this special retrospective on the year 2017.

For "The Lock-Up", host Tim Kail reviews wrestling in 2017 (at least everything he's seen), covering Kevin Owens and The Festival of Friendship, Jinder Mahal's unexpected but welcome rise and what we can learn from it, the best WWE-match of the year (which just so happened to occur in January), the greatness of the Usos & New Day, WWE's mishandling of Bayley & Sasha Banks, the stellar battles between Kenny Omega and Okada in New Japan, and much more.

For "The High Spot", Tim examines the importance of innovation in the arts; how & why it happens and the reason it's necessary to avoid stagnation and complacency. He applies this to present-day WWE, and expresses his hope that someone in the company still has the urge to innovate.

In "The Finish", Tim opens up about the changes in his personal life that have affected the production of the podcast in ways he hasn't previously explained. This episode contains one of the most honest moments of personal revelation he's ever recorded. He explains how the 2017 season of Work of Wrestling represents his search for a new identity, and the conclusion he makes will have an impact on the show's future.

This is the must listen penultimate episode of the year! Listen & share!

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