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Feb 26, 2018

Your eyes do not deceive you! This is a NEW episode of The Work Of Wrestling podcast where host Tim Kail reviews the latest RAW pay-per-view, Elimination Chamber.

Tim covers everything in detail - even the pre-show!

So why does it seem like all WWE's "staff" characters have taken happy pills that turn them into pod-people who awkwardly mimic human enthusiasm?

Why was The Women's Elimination Chamber match Tim's favorite Women's First *Insert Gimmick Match* on the main roster yet? 

What's the key difference between experience and inexperience in performance art, and how can "playing a character" give a performer the "armor" they need to excel?

How did a lesson about "action and reaction" that Tim learned in film school help him appreciate this pay-per-view, and what was the sleeper hit of the night?

The Ronda Rousey contract signing straddled the line between uncomfortable and excellent - which side did it come out on?

To be upset about a beachball interrupting Matt & Bray or to not be upset about a beachball interrupting Matt & Bray? That is a totally irrelevant question when faced with an already internety-meme-match that represents, as Tim describes it, "today's crowd eating itself".

And, lastly, why did Tim, despite any and all criticisms, thoroughly enjoy this pay-per-view, and how did this experience help him see exactly how "the internet ruins everything".

Read The Road To Better Representation of Asians At WrestleMania by Daniel Lee on 

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