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Apr 13, 2015

From praising a new Hideo Itami vignette to examining the origins of art itself, Work of Wrestling host Tim Kail endeavours to prove the artistic, cultural worth of pro-wrestling all the while offering the WWE usable feeback. In part one, The Lockup (4:55), Tim juxtoposes his experience watching Monday Night Raw with his experience watching NXT, and how a particular Hideo Itami vignette exemplifies everything he wants to see from professional wrestling and everything the WWE is capable of. In part two, The High Spot (19:59) Tim discusses the meaning behind "The Moment of Pop", examaning how all art has been inspired by the human need for a cathartic release and how pro-wrestling is solely focused on providing that experience of ecstacy. Then, in part three, The Finish (29:55) Tim shares a story about his old friend John who emailed in to share how pro-wrestling helped him form life-long friendships. Submit your story to and go to for the latest Raw Review and NXT Report. Thank you very much for listening! Have a nice day.