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Sep 20, 2018

Tim Kail reviews WWE's September pay-per-view, Hell In A Cell.

He explains why he finds putting a screwdriver through an ear so off-putting (and it's not just the immediately apparent reason), and why it's ultimately ineffective, bad wrestling.

He praises the match of the night, Becky Lynch vs Charlotte, while hoping to see Lynch's character transformation threaded throughout her entire performance and look, from the moment she emerges from behind the curtain to the moment she returns. 

He finally figures out what's not clicking with the Dolph Ziggler character, and offers a suggestion for how it could work. He praises the tag match between former Shield-mates Ambrose & Rollins and Galloway & Ziggler despite a lack of synergy in the teams.

Has the WWE undermined AJ Styles, or is Samoa Joe's superior mic skill simply outperforming AJ? Tim explains why he perceives a lack of honesty in the AJ character, and how that erroneously makes him side with Samoa Joe.

He dismisses the Miz/Maryse & Bryan/Bella match as an advertisement for their various reality TV shows.

He praises the WWE and Ronda for telling a story that made Ronda appear believably vulnerable.

And then, finally, he examines why crashing through tables from the top of a cell no longer means anything, and why an emphasis on emotionality, character, and beliefs is key to feeling anything when watching pro-wrestling.


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