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Oct 11, 2018

Tim Kail reviews WWE's Australian pay-per-view, Super Show-Down!

He starts off with a quick story about how he's becoming more like his Dad, choosing to watch the pay-per-view in a leisurely way. 

Next he dissects the the Becky Lynch/Charlotte match, wondering why all heels have to do the same heel-things in the same heel-way.

Then he examines the post-modern irony of Elias, and explains why it behooves all of us to "get over" our ironic, meme-centered culture and return to a more human, communal place.

Then he goes into detail about what high-flyers can learn from the incomparable AJ Styles.

What's something The Undertaker does that unravels his mythos, and what made the main event good, simple fun?

Tim saves the best for last, dissecting The Shield match, paying particular attention to Dean Ambrose's tenancy to stare at referees during a three count.

And, lastly, why do we still not have a full-time Universal Champion?

Tim explores all these questions, and more!

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