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Nov 1, 2018

Tim Kail returns to review WWE's first all-women's pay-per-view Evolution.

He starts off by allowing the warm blanket of nostalgia to wrap him up in a fluffy, fun, fan-servicey tag match between legends Trish Stratus & Lita vs Alicia Fox and Mickie James. He also poses a question to YOU, the listener. Listen to find out what it is!

Next he implores the WWE to stop doing that boring battle royal thing where a heel disappears midway through the match only to reappear after we think the fan favorite has won.

The biggest and most important section of the episode is dedicated to the juxtaposition of the Mae Young Classic final and the NXT Women's Championship match. Tim explains exactly what he means by "no story" and "a match that's just moves" vs the kind of match he actually likes, and how that perspective can comfortably coexist with a desire for sports-realism and the abandonment of typical WWE melodrama.

He explains why the mere presence of Sasha Banks and Bayley leads him to cynicism (not because they aren't great...they are still great...but because of their booking), and also explains why this tag match against the Riot Squad exemplifies how a strong women's stable and women's tag titles can & should be created.

He praises Charlotte & Becky Lynch as being (along with Ronda Rousey) the "top guys" of the WWE, regarding their chaotic and violent Last Woman Standing match as helping to build their deep and compelling mythology.

Lastly, he examines the complexity of the Nikki Bella character and why she should just be a babyface at this point; why it's bad to slut-shame and denigrate the Bellas as Ronda Rousey (i.e. WWE writers) did, but why there's still value in commentators condemning heels and praising babyfaces within the context of their actions in a match.

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