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Apr 20, 2015

What is the WWE going to do for the next several months before Brock Lesnar returns? That's the lead-in to this episode of The Work of Wrestling podcast, the podcast dedicated to the fact that wrestling is an artistic medium. For The Lock-Up (7:34) host Tim Kail discusses the potential of a Kane/Seth Rollins feud and how Monday Night Raw simply isn't a show designed for an adult who is awake for three hours on a Monday night. The High Spot (19:25) is an examination of how the WWE's outdated style of presentation (backstage segments) undermines the WWE's ability to create the compelling one-hour-television dramas they seem to want to create. And, finally, in The Finish (35:05) Tim talks about being out of work for two years and how pro-wrestling got him through that rough patch. Thanks for listening! There's a new RAW REVIEW every Tuesday and a new NXT REPORT every Saturday on Follow Tim Kail on Twitter @MaximusWrestler and send your stories to