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Professional wrestling is an art. The Work of Wrestling is dedicated to exploring that simple truth. Host & author Tim Kail analyzes wrestling matches, explicates promos, reviews pay-per-views, and shares personal stories in an effort to provide pro-wrestling the in-depth arts criticism it genuinely deserves.

Jun 29, 2015

The Work of Wrestling kicks off with a Paul Heyman promo reimagined as a poem. Host Tim Kail then launches into The Lock-Up (7:55) where he talks about the mastery Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar display in their performances, cutting through lesser RAW segments by representing artistic excellence. For The High Spot (23:00) Tim talks with Rachel Greenhoe, an artist who relates her experience working as a clown to the physicality of professional wrestling. In The Finish (33:45) Tim is joined by his friend Francisco LaFontaine who talks about his favorite wrestlers, matches, Beyond The Mat, and how pro-wrestling influenced him as a child. Subscribe to The Work of Wrestling podcast in iTunes! New episodes for free every Monday! Email your stories and recommendations to Go to for the latest RAW REVIEW and NXT REPORT. Have a nice day!