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Professional wrestling is an art. The Work of Wrestling Podcast is dedicated to exploring that simple truth. Host Tim Kail, Editor In Chief at, analyzes wrestling shows, explicates promos, examines social issues, and shares personal stories about pro-wrestling's cultural merit.

Jul 27, 2015

Monday Night Raw, killer robots, Shakespeare as a badass, and YOUR emails make up this fun episode of the Work of Wrestling podcast! For "The Lock-Up" (7:00) host Tim Kail gives his immediate reaction to the end of the July 20th, 2015 episode of Monday Night Raw. For The High Spot (17:00) Tim argues that pro-wrestlers should study Shakespeare (soliloquies and monologues) for inspiration becuase of his plays' great "promos" - focusing specifically on Ralph Feinnes adapdation of Corialanus. For The Finish (34:00) Tim reads YOUR emails reacting to the July 20th 2015 episode of RAW - focusing specifically on people's reaction to Kevin Owens' recent feud with John Cena.