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Professional wrestling is an art. The Work of Wrestling Podcast is dedicated to exploring that simple truth. Host Tim Kail, Editor In Chief at, analyzes wrestling shows, explicates promos, examines social issues, and shares personal stories about pro-wrestling's cultural merit.

Aug 31, 2015

This week's Work of Wrestling is devoted entirely to a story about The Macho Man Randy Savage submitted by self-proclaimed nerd-for-life Mike Talor (@SlingerOtheWebs on Twitter). Part One is a description of Mike's first live event and his first encounter with The Macho Man, a transformative experience that turned Mike from Savage hater to lifelong fan. Part Two is a story that takes place many years later at Mike's local gym, where a chance encounter with Randy Savage revealed the wrestler's kindness and appreciation for his fans. Read both stories in blog-form at Submit your stories for similar dramatic readings on the podcast to Follow Work of Wrestling host Tim Kail on Twitter @MaximusWrestler and like The Work of Wrestling Facebook Page. Have a nice day!