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Professional wrestling is an art. The Work of Wrestling Podcast is dedicated to exploring that simple truth. Host Tim Kail, Editor In Chief at, analyzes wrestling shows, explicates promos, examines social issues, and shares personal stories about pro-wrestling's cultural merit.

Sep 21, 2015

This week Work of Wrestling host Tim Kail reviews the latest episode of NXT in the Lock-Up (9:30), detailing how today's pro-wrestlers need to stop deferring to the audience and recondition the audience to pay attention - he specifically focuses on the excellence of Ms. Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Bayley. For The High Spot (32:35) Tim explains why today's pro-wrestlers should listen to podcasts like The Steve Austin Show instead of their agents, as he regularly offers access into the inner-workings of his masterful pro-wrestling mind. Lastly, in The Finish (45:26), Tim shares a story of self-discovery, and how a bad night amongst pretentious intellectuals helped him embrace his love of pro-wrestling. Follow on Twitter @MaximusWrestler. Email your stories to Go to for the latest RAW REVIEW and editorial on the art of professional wrestling.