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Professional wrestling is an art. The Work of Wrestling Podcast is dedicated to exploring that simple truth. Host Tim Kail, Editor In Chief at, analyzes wrestling shows, explicates promos, examines social issues, and shares personal stories about pro-wrestling's cultural merit.

Jan 18, 2016

The Work of Wrestling podcast returns to the usual three-part format this week! For The Lock-Up host Tim Kail talks about Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon undermining Roman Reigns' push by behaving like cartoonish, bemused villains rather than sincere, vengeful overlords. For The High Spot Tim examines the importance of continuity in fiction; how a lack of continuity negates the audience's emotional investment but also how too much focus on continuity (as seen in modern comic book cinema) negates creativity. For The Finish Tim shares a personal story about how a conversation with his dad revealed why imagination and creativity is more important than adhering to a rigid set of narrative guidelines. Follow Tim on Twitter @MaximusWrestler.