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Professional wrestling is an art. The Work of Wrestling Podcast is dedicated to exploring that simple truth. Host Tim Kail, Editor In Chief at, analyzes wrestling shows, explicates promos, examines social issues, and shares personal stories about pro-wrestling's cultural merit.

Feb 9, 2015

Pro-wrestling poetry, Monday Night Raw as "entertainment-mush", The Reality Era, and much more this week on The Work of Wrestling podcast! In Part 1 "The Lockup" (3:10) Tim reacts to Triple H's interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin, dissecting the significance of the final ten minutes of their conversation where Triple H acknolwedged a three-hour Monday Night Raw is far too long. In Part 2 "The High Spot" (18:25) Tim answers a question Triple H could not: "What does the Reality Era mean?". And then in "The Finish" (32:30) Tim reads an email submitted by listener Andrew about how Triple H vs The Undertaker at WrestleMania X-7 left a lasting impression on his appreciation for professional wrestling. If you would like to have your story on the show submit to You can also follow Tim on Twitter @MaximusWrestler and visit for all the latest Raw Reviews, NXT Reports, and editorials on the craft of professional wrestling. Have a nice day!