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Apr 6, 2024

This Saturday Tim talks about being excited for WrestleMania!

He also talks about his short film, The Rock and Roman Reigns being self-actualized, and gives tips for navigating WrestleMania.

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Thanks for...

Mar 28, 2022

This week Tim takes a trip down memory lane to watch and review WrestleMania 17. Topics include:

  • What makes this such a memorable pay-per-view.
  • The Vince McMahon character as abuser and the narrative pitfalls resultant from such a character.
  • Triple H wanting to be both sniveling heel and ultimate bad...

Feb 19, 2022

Host Tim Kail previews the Elimination Chamber.

Topics include:

  • Each match w/predictions.
  • Getting off the "Goldberg train".
  • Lita being awesome.
  • Mental health and pro-wrestling.

And much more!

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Feb 17, 2020

Work Of Wrestling host Tim Kail reviews NXT Takeover Portland!

Topics include:

  • Merging the TV-viewing experience with the live-audience experience.
  • The spectacle of Keith Lee vs Dominic Dijokovic wearing off.
  • The arrival of Dakota Kai, and why she's found her perfect attire.
  • Finn Balor delivering his best WWE/NXT...