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Jan 26, 2015

Roman Reigns has won the 2015 Royal Rumble. And he was booed out of the building. How did we get here...again? Host Tim Kail is joined by long-time friend, filmmaker, and pro-wrestling fanatic Alexander Monelli for a special Royal Rumble edition of The Work of Wrestling. Both men share their experiences of the Rumble; the good and the bad, and provide useful, positive feedback for the WWE immediately following the broadcast. Al provides a historical context for the bad-booking that has led to this Royal Rumble fallout, juxtoposing the success and ascent of an injured Stone Cold Steve Austin with the absence of an injured Roman Reigns. Tim details his emotional journey throughout the Rumble event (including his undying hope that CM Punk could return). And then they bring it home discussing their love of the World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat match, and the excellence of "The Right Now" Seth Rollins. Follow Al on Twitter @Monellifilms and go to