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Jan 30, 2015

What was it like to live in a world pre-Roman Reigns Royal Rumble victory? What did a hopeful, perhaps naive Tim Kail have to say about the WWE's overall improvement since 2011? In this episode, recorded prior to The 2015 Royal Rumble, host Tim Kail reminisces about CM Punk in the Lockup (11:35), what he did for the WWE and how, since his departure, the booking actually improved in 2014. In Part 2, The High Spot (19:19), Mr. McMahon's comments about the millennial generation are examined further, how generational-thinking and generational-judgment is, itself, an outdated form of thought antithetical to human progress. And then, in The Finish (25:55), Tim Kail shares a personal story about some words of wisdom the toughest SOB in pro-wrestling, Stone Cold Steve Austin, had to share via email. For THE RAW REVIEW and THE NXT REPORT be sure to visit Follow Tim Kail on Twitter @MaximusWrestler and be sure to hit that subscribe gimmick in iTunes and give the show a rating! Have a nice day!