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Oct 7, 2019

In this epic Work Of Wrestling podcast, host Tim Kail reviews the premiere episode of AEW Dynamite!

He begins at the end, sharing his thoughts on the "surprise" appearance of Jack Hager, Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega crashing through a glass table, and the three basic reactions he imagines a fan could have after watching the entire show.

Other topics include:

  • The signature at the start of the show, along with its generic "Dynamite" theme song - how to make an intro video that's modern and inviting
  • How the addition of Tony Shivani gave commentary greater focus and purpose throughout the night
  • The subliminal implications of Cody diving into Brandi
  • The decision-making behind the reveal of the tag division
  • The positive function of familiarity
  • How Riho & Nyla Rose delivered the match of the night
  • Why AEW needs to be more aware of the optics of some of their choices (i.e. why was Kenny Omega involved in the post-match beatdown of the first ever women's championship match?

And much more, along with a closing monologue that represents the culmination of years-worth of podcasting and pro-wrestling analysis - where Tim arrives at a deeper understanding of and appreciation for professional wrestling.

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