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Mar 9, 2015

This episode is all about the art of the promo! In "The Lock-Up" (8:23) Work of Wrestling host Tim Kail reviews Paul Heyman's latest Monday Night Raw promo from the March 2nd episode. Heyman's mic cut out and, somehow, this made him an even better orator. In "The High Spot" (19:20) Tim brings the millenials along for a trip down memory lane where he analyzes, with the utmost sincerity and respect, Christian Bale's Terminator Salvation set freak-out. Be prepared for a wide-assortment of colorful metaphors, ladies & gents. And then, in The Finish (38:53), Tim Kail tells a personal story about his social media interactions with Paul Heyman, revealing how his writing on might have helped shape a very specific aspect of the Brock Lesnar character...forever...Tim knows it's a bold claim...just give the story a listen. Follow Tim Kail on Twitter @MaximusWrestler and like The Work of Wrestling Facebook page so you never miss an update! Thanks for listening! Be sure to subscribe in iTunes! Have a nice day!