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Feb 13, 2017

Tim Kail returns to Work of Wrestling with another special real-time commentary of a forgotten gem of a match, CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship at the 2012 pay-per-view "Over The Limit". While the pay-per-view itself is forgettable, this match between Punk & Bryan is anything but. Their focus on realism, their believable selling, their consistent perspectives, and their innovative styles epitomize excellence in pro-wrestling artistry. Join Tim in watching this match as he pops like crazy, loses his breath, and offers his insights on performance from start to finish.

Tim also shares his thoughts on the current WWE product in the close, how SmackDown Live is, indeed, better than RAW and why the women should main event WrestleMania 34. Thanks for listening. Visit Follow on Twitter @TimKailWrites. And never give up.