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Mar 23, 2015

The Work of Wrestling podcast host, Tim Kail, launches right into "The Lock-Up" this week (00:50) examining why Kevin Owens is such a captivating NXT Champion, from the subtleties of Owens' in-ring performance to the larger implications of the character's complexity as a heel with a family. He compares and contrasts Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens as modern faces and modern heels, sharing his hope to see thes two master-craftsman headline WrestleMania one day. On The High Spot (15:36) Tim shares the work of Kyle & Oliver, the creators of the YouTube music video series "Pro-Wrestling Goes Acoustic". Their song "Yes Movement" is an inspirational parody that sums up exactly what pro-wrestling fans are feeling about the WWE, why pro-wrestling fans love Daniel Bryan, and why it is that pro-wrestling fans need to band together and keep chanting "YES!" Tim also explains why the work of Kyle & Oliver is a good model for creating an cohesive social media artistic endeavor. Subscribe to their YouTube channel (! Lastly, in "The Finish" (23:38), fellow pro-wrestling analyst Andrea Gregovich shares a story about the first time she experienced pro-wrestling as a symbolic narrative, a deep, literary, theatrical experience. Her awakening is a testament to the artistic worth and power of the professional wrestling medium. Read her blog There will be a new RAW REVIEW and a new NXT REPORT on this upcomming TUES and SAT respectively. You can follow Tim Kail on Twitter @MaximusWrestler and be sure to subscribe to The Work Of Wrestling podcast in iTunes. Give the show a rating and a review and have a very nice day!