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Jun 12, 2017

It's happening again - WWE fans are starting to turn on a once-beloved babyface. This time, it's Bayley who faces a slowly mounting resistance. Are these Bayley-Booers simply the result of "bad booking"? Are they indicative of an actual, worthwhile argument or an intelligent, critical observation of the character & the performer? Or is something else at work here - something predictably grim that needs to be squashed before it gains even more traction?

Work of Wrestling host Tim Kail offers an answer to all of these questions and more by charting the coarse of the Bayley character from NXT Takeover Brooklyn in August of 2015 when she won her first NXT Women's Championship all the way to Extreme Rules 2017 where it appeared the once overflowing well of love for Bayley had all but dried up.

This is an important episode that speaks to an ongoing problem in the pro-wrestling community that has a negative effect not only on people's ability to enjoy the show, but on a pro-wrestler's ability to have a successful career.

Share this episode far and wide! Resist cynicism and frustration, and embrace the positivity and sincerity embodied in Bayley.

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