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Aug 7, 2017

WWE fan-artist, podcaster, and Advocate for Neville, Justine Colla (@PastaSauca as you may know her) stops by The Work of Wrestling podcast to answer Tim Kail's questions about art, wrestling, and life. Justine recorded her answers in Melborne Australia, and Tim has cut them together (with his responses to a few) for your listening pleasure.

What's it like being an Australian WWE-fan when the WWE decides to be uber-American? How is the WWE alienating its female fanbase? What are the consequences of massive backstage brawls like Braun Strowman tipping over and ambulance; do other wrestlers get stuck in the garage?

Justine answers all of these questions and more, offering insight into how she became a wrestling fan, what she'd like to see change about the pro-wrestling community and the WWE. This is a fun, unique listening experience today's wrestling fan is sure to enjoy.

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