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Nov 29, 2018

In the season finale of Work of Wrestling podcast, host Tim Kail answers your questions!

You asked:

Should part-timers only face part-timers or give the younger generation "the rub"?

How do you make second-tier titles relevant again, and will "The Fox Deal" end SmackDown's run as "The B-Show"?

How does irony, meme, and self-awareness affect pro-wrestling performance?

Will fans cheer any wrestler who challenges the WWE's "anointed stars"? regardless of that wrestler's moral alignment?

Is the "lowest common denominator" the new "target audience"?

What are Tim's thoughts on WWE's content-saturation and how fans navigate that unfortunate reality? 

What would make Tim stop watching WWE altogether?

And, lastly, what would Tim do with Roman Reigns if he left WWE for the indies?

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