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Jul 22, 2019

Tim Kail returns to cover a number of topics, starting with current pro-wrestling news and then moving into more conceptual & philosophical ideas about art.

He shares his thoughts on Colt Cabana ending Art Of Wrestling and his invaluable contributions to pro-wrestling and podcasting, why Twitter can be so harmful and why the user must take responsibility for how they engage with others, whether or not CM Punk should return, Heyman & Bischoff taking over Raw & Smackdown and whether or not Summer Slam needs a bigger main event than Rollins vs Lesnar, and Jon Moxley's brilliant performances in New Japan Pro-Wrestling's epic G1 Climax.

Then Tim shifts to AEW's corporate-family approach to narrative structure (that is not too dissimilar from another promotion that needn't be named), and he ends with an explanation of why pro-wrestling is bigger and better than any one promotion - what that means with regard to art, and why it gives him solace.

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