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Sep 9, 2019

Work Of Wrestling host Tim Kail interviews Al Monelli about the past ten years of trials, tribulations, artistic discoveries, and wrestling revelations.

Tim & Al reminisce about the good ole days in college when they watched Monday Night Raw on a weekly basis, and talk loving John Cena (long before it was cool to love John Cena), the best & worst of WWE from 2005-2009, post-collegiate life, part-time jobs, financial strain, cognitive reframing & maintaining a positive attitude, accomplishing one's goals even as those goals change, and finding your niche and perfecting your craft. 

And, lastly, Al tells us about his next great project!

Visit to keep up to date on Al's work. Follow him on social media @MonelliFilms.

Music by Ben Holland whose album "In Use Day And Night" is available on iTunes. Visit for more details and follow Ben on Twitter @BenBenHolland.

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