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Sep 16, 2019

Work Of Wrestling host Tim Kail reviews Clash of Champions!

Topics include:

  • Why it was a mistake to move the King of the Ring finale to RAW
  • What made the Braullins team-up unique and contrived at the same time
  • Why Bayley running for her life was perfect
  • How The Revival finally got to be The Revival on the main roster
  • The problematic potpourri that is Sonya & Mandy vs Alexa and Nikki
  • Miz & Shinsuke putting on a better match than they ever needed to
  • Sasha Banks oddly earning sympathy
  • WWE's mixed messages
  • Why Kofi vs Orton must never happen again
  • Roman Reigns' perfect power bomb sell
  • Why Strowman needs to be preserved
  • How the main event's finish made both wrestlers look weak
  • Why Tim still doesn't have faith in WWE's booking of The Fiend, even though he's starting to have faith in the character.

Music by Ben Holland whose album "In Use Day And Night" is available on iTunes. Visit for more details and follow Ben on Twitter @BenBenHolland.

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