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Sep 30, 2019

Work Of Wrestling host Tim Kail is joined by his old friend John Macy to discuss the forthcoming exciting week in professional wrestling!

Topics include:

  • The significance of SmackDown moving to Fox and what it might mean for RAW's status as "The A Show"
  • What WWE can learn from the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Jon Moxley and CM Punk being two sides of the same coin, with Moxley's contributions to pro-wrestling being judged more favorably by history
  • Women's Wrestling, and how to ensure WWE doesn't use the main event of WrestleMania 35 as window dressing
  • What John's looking for from AEW as he heads into Dynamite with a clean slate and a pure point of view
  • Why The Fiend may turn out to be WWE's greatest card to play in this game of wrestling with AEW

And much more!

Music by Ben Holland whose album "In Use Day And Night" is available on iTunes. Visit for more details and follow Ben on Twitter @BenBenHolland.

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