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Apr 6, 2020

Tim Kail and Al Monelli join forces once again to review the weirdest WrestleMania in WWE history!

Topics include:

  • The surreal, acid-trip, post-modern, meta masterpiece that is the #FireFlyFunHouse match.
  • All the ways in which WWE could have mitigated the loss of the crowd.
  • The fundamental difference between the #BoneyardMatch and the #FireFlyFunHouse match...but why it's okay to enjoy them both (or not).
  • Did WWE want viewers to believe the #BoneyardMatch was "cool", or did they understand they were making something "so bad it's good"?
  • Charlotte being the best, and why.
  • Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins becoming an instant "hidden gem".
  • Randy Orton vs Edge being one of the few examples of using the lack of a crowd to a story's advantage.
  • Whether or not WWE should have done this show at all.
  • The real reason why WWE hasn't yet shut down.
  • What WWE could do in the weeks ahead if they're forced to shut down by the government.

And much more! This is a great convo between two old friends longtime listeners are sure to enjoy.

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Thanks for listening, one and all. See you next week!