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May 25, 2015

Have you ever questioned why you devote so much time to professional wrestling if it so often leaves you dissatisfied? That is the theme of this week's Work of Wrestling podcast as frequent guest and lifelong pro-wrestling fan, Al Monelli, joins host Tim Kail to explain why his interest in the WWE is steadily dwindling. Al contrasts his experience of watching the consistently excellent AMC drama Mad Men with his experience of watching the schizophrenic Monday Night Raw, and how these disparate experiences have lead to a significant realization. With age comes an increased awareness of the preciousness of time. So, when RAW inspires dejection and apathy in a viewer, does that viewer continue to watch simply because it's what they've always done or does the viewer search for a better use of their time? Join Al & Tim as they explore these questions and much more on The Work of Wrestling podcast. Follow Tim Kail on Twitter @MaximusWrestler and Al @MonelliFilms, and go to for the latest RAW REVIEW and NXT REPORT. Have a nice day!