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Jun 1, 2015

It's part two of the epic Al & Tim pro-wrestling conversation! Last week Al compared and contrasted his experience of watching Mad Men with his experience of watching RAW, explaining how he's finding it increasingly difficult to stomach the WWE's flagship series. This week Al & Tim go into detail about things the WWE can specifically change about RAW. In The Lock-Up at 8:00 minutes Al talks about "all the things he could think of to improve Monday Night Raw", from Dean Ambrose's entrance music to new commentators. In The High Spot at 17:34 Al explains why pro-wrestling fans alienate him, and Tim goes into detail about his disdain for internet gut-reactions. Then, in The Finish at 35:00 minutes Al shares his ethos with the listener, eloquently differentiating between false-positivity, arrogance, and confidence. See the videos Al talks about at Follow Al on Twitter @Monellifilms and Tim on Twitter @MaximusWrestler. For the latest RAW REVIEW and NXT Report go to To share your thoughts, recommendations, or stories related to pro-wrestling email