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Jun 8, 2015

What does it mean to be a WWE fan? That's the theme of the third and final part of Tim Kail's conversation with Alexander Monelli on The Work of Wrestling podcast. These two friends and passionate pro-wrestling fans devle into why they stick with WWE through all the ups and downs, regardless of how dissapointing Monday Night Raw can be. At 18:25 Al goes into detail about why he doesn't seek out Lucha Underground, NJPW, or other promotions despite his continued frustration with Monday Night Raw. At 23:00 the converstion transforms into how RAW would benefit from experimention - Al offering an intersting idea as to how the WWE can push their creative abilities, citing RAW Snow Day as a good example what what they're capable of. At 42:20 Tim asks Al (and himself) "Are you a WWE fan or are you a professional wrestling fan?" and what follows is a conversation that concludes this three-week dialogue - with Al & Tim arriving at a deeper understanding of their pro-wrestling fandom. Follow Al on Twitter @Monellifilms and follow Tim @MaximusWrestler. Go to for Tim's weekly reviews of Monday Night Raw & NXT. Submit your recommendations, stories, and thoughts to