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Jun 27, 2022

This week Tim Kail reviews AEW's latest pay-per-view Forbidden door.

Topics include:

  • The excellence of commentary.
  • Why story and stakes makes for good matches.
  • Why Tim's match of the night is Orange Cassidy vs Will Ospreay.
  • Claudio vs Zach Saber Jr. being pure wrestling joy.
  • Why does Adam Cole not resonate with Tim.
  • Why it's so interesting to see Okada in a multi-man match.
  • Tim feels like we have enough mediocre white guys at the top.
  • Why Jay White is interesting.
  • Why are so many matches anticlimactic?
  • The main event match between Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Jon Moxley for the interim AEW Championship.

And much more!

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