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Jan 2, 2023

This week on The Work Of Wrestling podcast, host Tim Kail returns to the original three-part format of the show. In the intro he explains that it's been a struggle to write about wrestling lately, leaving him unsure if he'll be able to keep writing one article a week.

In The Lock-Up (9:38) Tim reviews the latest episode of NXT. He describes the bland tone of the show and how it feels like a fusion of NXT Black & Gold with NXT 2.0 and, as a result, fails to have an identity.

For The High Spot (23:58) Tim talks about "trying this at home" despite warnings to the contrary, where the responsibility lies with parents showing their kids wrestling, and what other values wrestling might unintentionally teach us.

And in The Finish (34:50) Tim shares a story about how he's rekindled his fandom of The Rock.

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