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Apr 17, 2023

Tim Kail returns for an episode where he chronicles his week of watching wrestling.

Topics include:

  • A Monday Night Raw Review.
  • Talking a lot without saying much.
  • The pitfalls of tag teams behaving as individuals.
  • The overabundance of "backstage attacks".
  • Why is Cody Rhodes smililng so much?
  • An AEW Dynamite Review.
  • The "Four Pillars" scouting eachother. 
  • Does Tim give too much leaway to AEW?
  • Why do so many cars get beaten up in pro-wrestling?
  • Tim's thoughts on CM Punk's potential return.
  • Coping with mental illness as it relates to wrestling.
  • A Review of Friday Night SmackDown.
  • Tim not being too happy with Matt Riddle's involvement.
  • Damian Preist shining in The Judgement Day.
  • It being too easy or vague to get a title match.
  • There being one character too many in WWE's stories.

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