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Mar 14, 2016

This week on The Work Of Wrestling podcast Tim Kail is once again joined by Al Monelli to discuss how a heel Shawn Michaels went out in a blaze of glory headed into WrestleMania 14. Tim & Al discuss everything from the differences between today's main roster and the wrestlers of 1997 (from clothing choice to promo delivery), as well as the sudden shift in DX from a violent, nihilistic stable under Shawn's leadership into a pandering, militaristic group at war with WCW. Tim & Al also cover the importance of the RAW IS WAR intro, and the inspiring nature of Shawn Michaels WreslteMania 14 entrance. Follow Tim on Twitter @MaximusWrestler. Follow Al @MonelliFilms. Go to for the latest RAW REVIEW and editorial on the art of professional wrestling. Also be sure to enter Mick Foley's WrestleMania Dream Vacation at to support RAINN!