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Tim Kail's Raw Review

Apr 19, 2022

Seth Rollins on the April 18th episode of Monday Night Raw  

My threshold for enjoying WWE television is incredibly low these days. Some might argue even unfairly low. All I ask of RAW, for example, is for it to have a discernible through line and for that through line to slightly entertain me. This week’s episode had...

Mar 21, 2022

This week Tim Kail reviews Monday Night Raw!

Topics include:

  • Why RAW is more fun to review than Dynamite.
  • Kevin Owens vs Steve Austin being a story we can emotionally invest in.
  • Seth Rollins fussing with KO's plans.
  • Kevin Owens vs Steve Austin being a story we can't emotionally invest in.

And much more!

Give the...

Tim Kail's Raw Review

Jan 16, 2019


I skimmed this week's Raw, and came away feeling...weird.

This was, at the very least, a new emotional response.

I felt less like I was watching WWE's flagship series and more like I was watching a parallel universe's vague facsimile. It’s not that I think the booking decisions were bad or that the performances...

Tim Kail's Raw Review

Jun 27, 2018

If last week's backstage-segments were an example of Raw's unique badness, then this week's main event was an example of Raw's unique goodness. That's not to say this episode didn't feature backstage segments with the same marionette-acting and the same trite dialogue (admittedly, I fast-forwarded through most of...