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Sep 2, 2019

Work Of Wrestling host Tim Kail reviews AEW's All Out, the blossoming wrestling promotion's final pay-per-view before the premiere of their weekly show on TNT.

Horses and dogs and librarians, oh my!

Tim covers all of All Out's five hours, which is the first constructive criticism he offers.

From there, he talks #WomensWrestling in AEW and why it should be miles ahead of where it is, indy-wrestling's tendancy for its reach to exceed its grasp (sometimes literally), why A Boy and His Dinosaur has quickly become one of the best parts of the promotion, how commentary negatively affected PAC vs Omega (and the entire show for that matter), the incredibly fun Cracker Barrel match, the sincerity and humor of The Best Friends, why the overplayed David vs Goliath story reduces Tim's excitement for the women's title story, using sentient beings as entrance props, the gloriousness of Lucha Brothers vs. The Young Bucks and why AEW will be the definitive destination for tag team wrestling, and why the main event exceeded expectations and resulted in the right inaugural champ.

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