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Jan 28, 2019

Tim Kail and Al Monelli triumphantly return to review the 2019 Royal Rumble!

What did they think of Nia Jax entering the men's Rumble?

Why do they love Ronda Rousey so much?

Why do they see cracks in the Becky Lynch persona despite their love of Becky Lynch? Why do they foresee her losing steam and how can the WWE ensure that doesn't happen?

Why is The Rock such a great example of "getting lost in your character"?

Why should you not make hyper specific references to millennials in your promo?

What is the difference between "performing" and "being".

Why do both Al & Tim struggle to connect with AJ Styles?

What is at the conceptual core of indy vs mainstream, and how do these concepts inform our experience of art?

What's happened to Dean Ambrose?

And why does WWE need to bring its narrative priorities into agreement with the priorities of the fans?

All these questions, and more, will be answered! Lastly, Tim gives thanks to the longtime listeners.

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