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Dec 16, 2019

Work Of Wrestling returns for a Holiday Special review of TLC!

First, host Tim Kail shares his thoughts on pro-wrestling in 2019, from AEW to WWE to New Japan.

Then, he dissects every match on the main TLC ppv card.

Topics include:

  • The joy of watching wrestlers you can trust to deliver
  • A detailed analysis of Alestair Black vs Buddy Murphy, and why it was the match of the night
  • Why does the WWE not want a finish between The Viking Raiders and The O.C. especially when it clearly doesn't care about either team?
  • Why Baron Corbin going the in-ring route of Randy Orton is not a good idea.
  • The days when good-guys were bound by a common morality, and interceded on the behalf of the innocent.
  • A detailed analysis of Firefly Funhouse Bray Wyatt and the good & bad of his match with Miz
  • Asking: "Who is this Rusev/Lashley match even for?"
  • The hits & misses of the main event, something feeling "off", and how a bunch of wrestlers fighting in a pile doesn't do much for The Royal Rumble.

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Read Tim's latest article and find out why he's embraced "watching wrestling as a critic":

Enjoy the rest of your year, one & all! Catch you in 2020!