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Jan 27, 2020

Work Of Wrestling host Tim Kail is joined once again by friend, fellow pro-wrestling fan, and filmmaker Al Monelli to review WWE's latest Royal Rumble!

Topics include:

  • The good cinematography of the Roman Reigns vs Baron Corbin Match
  • Bianca Belaire's superbly told Royal Rumble story
  • Al's new arrival!!!
  • What's wrong with Bayley's heel turn?
  • The Fiend's pants
  • Daniel Bryan's greatness
  • Why Asuka vs Becky Lynch, for Tim, was a major disappointment
  • Al loving Brock murdering wrestlers and why he could have watched him toss everyone over the top rope all night
  • Why Tim is cautiously optimistic about Drew McIntyre's victory

And more!

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Thanks for listening!