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Jul 6, 2020

Work Of Wrestling host Tim Kail examines the role of camerawork in professional wrestling - practically and philosophically - drawing insight from film and stage performance.

Topics include:

  • A recap of a point Tim made about camerawork during the premiere of AEW Dynamite back in October '19 and a listener's response.
  • The influence of a "Work the hard cam" ethic on professional wrestling performance.
  • The function Hard Cam serves in comparison to a "Master Shot" in film & Television.
  • A pro-wrestling being a polymath who's been required to develop dual skills of "playing to the crowd" and "playing to the camera" simultaneous.
  • Tim's fundamental belief that "playing to hard cam" is not a skill a wrestler should have to develop or, more specifically, that it should be a much lower priority.
  • Figuring out camera positioning and a directing/editing style that allows pro-wrestlers to not have to self-consciously "hit their mark" when they should really be focused on the life & death scenarios playing out in the ring.
  • The actual constructive criticism Tim has for WWE's visual rhythm, which has less to do with camera position and more to do with editing & direction.

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Thanks for listening, one and all!